Ways to avoid job search burnout.

As career advisers we regularly see the emotional toll constant job searching can have on job seekers.  Being out of work longer than anticipated and not being invited for interviews can make it tough to keep your spirits up.

Here are seven tips to help you stay strong and focused during a difficult job search(1):

1. Ask for feedback. If you've been interviewed but didn't get the job offer, ask for, and be ready to hear, specific, constructive feedback.  Are there things you could be doing differently? Questions you could be answering better? Their feedback could mean all the difference, and the positive comments they’ll share will be a nice boost to your confidence.

2. Learn more about the industry you're interested in and any changes or trends that are happening. Talk with people in the industry about what they’re hearing and experiencing on the front line. This could be just the spark you need to shift your approach and pick up some momentum.

3. Change your approach. Have you been interviewed a lot without getting job offers? It might be time to reflect.  Are you coming across as bored with the process? Do your answers sound rote? Did you not notice your interview outfit is crumpled or stained? Prepare for your next interview with these potential pitfalls in mind.  Take out your iron; come up with fresh, new answers; add energy and enthusiasm to your voice; use real-life examples anytime you can and remember your body language. These small tweaks will help you come across as excited and engaged.

4. Fake it 'til you make it. If you're feeling downrodden going into your next interview, fake it. Smile and be ready to greet the interviewer highlighting your best qualities. Make every interview an opportunity to not only get a job, but to polish your interview skills and build your confidence.

5. Find commonalities. Search for your interviewer on LinkedIn and discover common ground. Maybe you’ll find that you both know some of the same people or enjoy volunteering. Whatever you share, remember that people want to work with people they like, and discussing commonalities with your interviewer is an effective and authentic way to start building the relationship.

6. Fit matters. While it's appropriate to strive for jobs that may be slightly out of your reach, doing that too often could lead to too much rejection. To keep your job search on track and your spirits high, go after positions that are an ideal fit for your background, experience and interests. Save the long-shot interviews for the one or two employers that really spark a fire in you.

7. Try some retail therapy. Sometimes, if you are feeling lackluster, a new pair of shoes, a fresh haircut, a fun accessory, a new tech gadget or an updated suit will give you the extra confidence and excitement to ace an interview. Walk in with some swagger, and let the interviewer know why you're the best person for this role. You might be convincing enough to get hired.

(1) Aricle courtesy of (https://www.nextavenue.org/7-ways-avoid-job-search-burnout/)

Posted: Monday 28 May 2018