LinkedIn - your personal branding

LinkedIn - your personal branding

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a networking site for professionals. Users sign up and create a profile so they can then network with others. Profiles include work experience, education, skills, awards and recommendations. 

Users can join groups on the site, such as the university they attended. Job vacancies are also listed on the site, giving users work opportunities they may otherwise miss.

Here are some tips for making your profile stand out:

Upload a professional photograph and make a good first impression. Remember that the main idea on LinkedIn is to portray yourself as a professional, therefore,do not use photos of you in social settings, or at the beach! It needs to show you are serious about your work.

Customize your URL. When you sign up for LinkedIn, it will give you a URL with the number of your profile. Change it to your name, that way you can easily direct people to

Add recommendations. Ask a previous employer or colleague for a recommendation. It looks impressive that other professionals are willing to offer you compliments. Recommendations are professional testimonials from customers, people you manage, colleagues or management. They are very different from endorsements – recommendations demonstrate your personal credibility, endorsements show the skills you have. Recommendations will show up underneath the position they are written for. 

Add brief, but well-written descriptions of jobs you have had. Share some of the content of those jobs, rather than just listing titles. It will help reveal more about your past responsibilities and experiences. 

If you are looking for a new job start applying.

Posted: Wednesday 6 June 2018