Volunteering is important on your CV

Volunteering is important on your CV

Firstly, think about what volunteer work you have done. Most likely the volunteer work you have chosen alines directly with your skills and qualifications. Although unpaid, this work is still valuable experience that can be used to attract a potential employer.

Next, have you been unemployed for short or long time periods? If so, highlight your volunteering during this time and list it on your cv. For example, if you have experience in admin work and are the treasurer for an organisation, add this to your cv. If you are an event planner and have planned  events for your child’s school, list this. 

Finally, remember, many people find new job positions through personal connections rather than job advertisements. Use your volunteering time to also network with community leaders. You never know when someone at an event may hear about the perfect opportunity for you.

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Posted: Sunday 10 June 2018