Top hint for a successful CV

Top hint for a successful CV

Present yourself as a problem-solver

Remember, each and every job interview is actually a problem for the company. They have a need which they are looking for someone to fill. The details of this need are in the job advertisement, so study it and try to understand the company’s problem. Next, try to figure out how you should position yourself to make it clear that you would be a good solution to their problem.

For example, you see an advertisement for a sales rep for a retail company.

  • First problem: the company has a quantity of goods which it needs to sell
  • Second problem: potential customers might not want to buy these goods 

How would you be able to solve these problems for the company? How could you write your CV so that these solutions are clear and obvious to someone glancing at your CV?

What specific skills, experiences and capabilities do you think are going to be most appealing to people reading your CV? Take this information and draw attention to it. This could be by:

  • separating it out from blocks of text so that it stands out
  • putting it in bold
  • putting it in the top section

Whatever you do, make sure that the reader won’t miss it!

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Posted: Thursday 18 October 2018