Selecting a Referee

Selecting a Referee

When you’re applying for jobs, you are usually asked to provide two or three professional referees. After your interview, your referees could be key to whether you get the job.

Make sure your list of referees is suitable for the position. Think about your relationship with each person. How closely did you work with them? How recently did you work together? How will they explain your qualities to potential employers?

Here are four people you can include on your list of professional referees:

1. Former Employer. A previous employer can provide the best insight into your work ethic. They know what your responsibilities were at your job and how you handled them.

2. Colleague. Someone you worked with at a previous job, even if they weren’t your boss, can be an excellent referee. They will be able to speak about things you worked on together and what you achieved as a team. 

4. Supervisor. Someone who supervised you, but wasn’t necessarily your boss, could be another excellent reference to include. This could be a supervisor from a volunteer project, an internship, or some other extracurricular activity. Any of these people spent enough time working with you to get a sense of your character, and probably your passions. 

Choose at least three of these people to include on your list of professional referees. Always bring copies of your referees contact details with you to the interview, in case you’re asked to provide them. Promptly let the people on your list know when a hiring manager asks for your references, so they know to expect a call or email.

Your references could make or break your chances of landing a job, so make sure you select the best people to speak on your behalf.

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Posted: Wednesday 14 November 2018