Setting good Career Goals for a New Year.

Setting good Career Goals for a New Year.

Has your career plan changed?

Before you do anything, check that your career plan is still the same, and that you are still working towards the right goal.

At the start of last year you may have had an idea of the direction in which you wanted your career to go, but a lot can happen in a year – from changes to your interests, passions and priorities, to enthusiasm for the tasks you most enjoy in your current role.

Check your career plan is still the best plan for you and, ultimately, where you want to get to – and, if it is not, reassess it and develop a new one.

1: Reflect on what you have achieved

Now you have your career plan for the next year clear in your mind, think about what you have achieved over the past year. What fits with your career plan? What skills and knowledge have you learned?  What training courses and qualifications have you completed? Have you taken on new responsibilities in your current job?

2: Note these achievements

It is important that you continuously update your career plan, as well as your CV and profiles on professional social networks such as LinkedIn.

Doing this ensures that you don’t forget your achievements or undersell yourself.

3: Give yourself the praise you deserve

You should also stop to acknowledge your achievements. This will build your morale.

4: Think about how to maintain this momentum

As important as it is to acknowledge and celebrate success, it is also crucial that you don’t lose momentum or get complacent. Once you have given yourself a pat on the back for your achievements, think about how you can build on this.

Assess what you have accomplished over the last year in more detail, and consider what it was in particular that you did well or differently to reach this achievement.

More importantly, how can you build upon each achievement and move yourself even closer towards the next stage of your career plan?

5: Think about what you can improve

Now it’s time to think about what didn’t go so well. Out of the goals you set yourself this time last year, what didn’t you achieve? Why do you think this was? Try to learn from it so you can improve on this in the next year.

6: Set your goals for next year

Now that you have taken the time for some honest self-reflection, you can take the lessons you have learned to shape your career goals for next year, from the mistakes you will avoid, to the achievements that you can build on and add to.

Set yourself realistic targets based on the progress you have made with your previous ones.

Remember to think about the resources you will need to be able to reach these targets and perform better, whether it’s a new piece of software for your computer, or attending a particular course.

And if you are stuck and want some help with your career planning do contact us – we are here to help.

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Posted: Thursday 3 January 2019