Looking at a career change?

Looking at a career change?

Following these steps will help you to make a successful career change.

  1. Re-assess your past employment.  Changing careers can force you to confront difficult questions about your past work experience or performance. So, you need to have thought about this before an interviewer raises them.  Ask youtrself - what are your stengths and weaknesses?
  2. Speak to your current employer.  You may be surprised how supportive they will be. Simply explain why you are looking to change careers, and a little about the direction you hope to move in. If you’re particularly worried about how they will react, good honest communication can be a good way to alleviate some of the stress involved.
  3. Seek advice. Talk to people yuou know who have successfully changed careers. They might be able to offer constructive advice. Also  talk to  people in the industry or role you’re interested in moving to.  
  4. Set goals. Set some simple goals for yourself - for example, 'apply for 5 jobs in the next month'  Make sure your goals are achievable, so for instance, instead of a goal to "getting your dream job', set yourself the goal of upskilling to make you the best candidate for getting that dream role.
  5.  Network. Seek out people working in the industry or role you want to move into. Tell them about your desire to change career and ask if they know of any opportunities currently available or if they would keep you in mind if they heard of anything in the future. Maintain regular contact with these people while you’re looking to change careers.
  6.  Volunteer. Volunteering can be a great way of gaining experience especially if you’re unsure about the change. Volunteering can often be done outside of your normal work hours, so you don’t have to quit your job before making any firm decisions about your future.

And remember, we are here if you would like to discuss your career change options.  Just contact us.

Posted: Thursday 25 April 2019