Should you add your interests to your CV?

Should you add your interests to your CV?

Are you making the most of your hobbies and interests? Here's a few hints on including your interests in your CV to help your CV stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for marketing and media jobs include interests in video production, photography, blogging, art

It is important to ensure your interests show your creativity. Link them to your skills such as attention to detail, communication. For example, use your interest in blogging to stand out for a marketing position, or your passion for photography to land a job in design.

If you’re looking for a management job include interests in team sports or interests such as mountain climbing. Employers in this field are looking for applicants able to take risks, and effectively lead a team. Show how you demonstrate these attributes by mentioning you belong to a team sport, especially if you are a team captain, or if you are on a club committee, mention it.

If you’re looking for tech jobs include interests in web design and gaming.  IT positions primarily require excellent analytical, problem solving, and quick learning abilities. These can also be shown in strategic mind games (e.g. chess, Sudoku).

If you’re looking for construction & engineering jobs include hobbies such as playing an instrument, model making or Lego. For example, experience playing a musical instrument doesn’t only show you’re musical, it also says a lot about your determination, patience, and attention to detail – skills which are particularly sought after in civil engineering.

If you’re looking for HR & customer service jobs include hobbies such as performing arts, drama or community group involvement.

If you are looking for work in customer service, sales, healthcare, or any other industry that centres on people, its important to make your interpersonal skills known to employers. Interests like performing arts, and drama, demonstrate confidence, team working abilities, and communication skills, which could help you emphasise your suitability to roles in this field.

Mentioning any involvement you might have had in after school clubs, youth work, community groups, or anything else that requires a high level of understanding and empathy, could also be key – especially for roles dealing with sensitive situations.

Whether you choose to include hobbies and interests in your CV depends on your individual situation.

However, if you have little work experience, or your interests relate directly to the position, then including them would be a good idea. But remember if you’re not comfortable talking about your hobby or interest in detail at an interview, it’s probably best to leave it out.

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Posted: Sunday 14 July 2019