Questions to ask at the end of an Interview

Questions to ask at the end of an Interview

Most interviewers will give you the opportunity to ask questions at the end of an interview. This can be difficult, as you may have been concentrating so hard on answering the questions you were asked, you forget to ask ones of your own.

What should you ask to set you apart from the pack? You need to focus on questions that will demonstrate a knowledge of the company and a desire to learn more. 

1. How do you start a new member of the team?

It’s important to clarify exactly what the employer expects of new staff right off the bat. For example, this could mean buddying with another staff member, following a desk file or attending a training course.

2. How does the company communicate to staff? 

Whether a company emphasizes group meetings, one-on-ones, phone conferences, etc. can tell you a lot about the organizational structure within…

3. What are some of the tasks you’d like your new staff member to accomplish immediately? How about over the next year?

It’s never a bad idea to learn exactly what will be expected of you. By hearing what your possible new position entails both at the beginning and once you’ve had a bit of time to settle in, you can get a clearer picture of how the office operates as a whole.

4. What made you choose to interview external candidates for this vacancy? 

This can be a very revealing question, depending on the type of organization. The employers answer—whether the reasons make sense, whether he seems nervous when replying, whether he even has a reply—will go a long way toward telling you what kind of company you’re looking to enter. Sometimes a department is required to interview external candidates even when it’s already made the decision to hire from within. Or sometimes the company is such a disorganized mess no one has any real sense of direction. Regardless of the answer, you’ll learn a lot.

Of course you may have other questions you want to ask. It’s not essential to ask all of these questions at the end of an interview, but these should be the types of questions you consider. Remember: when it comes to job interviews, how you wrap things up can make all the difference!


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Posted: Friday 2 August 2019