A New Year, a New Start?

A New Year, a New Start?

Below are some tips that will help you prepare for job hunting and ultimately career success.

1. Research  organisations of interest 

If you are interested in working for a particular company find out all you can about them by checking their website and social media. Attend network events in the industry to build your knowledge. This will help you decide if you really want to work for this company.

    2. Contact employers before jobs are advertised 

     Many jobs are never advertised. By approaching employers directly, you can leave your cv and talk to       them about what jobs interest you, your qualifiacations and experience. Even if there’s no vacancy at the     moment, they will remember you when a vacancy does arise. 

    3.  Search for work on social media   

    Many employers now post job adverts on their social media accounts. So check out an organisation's       o online presence and  like and follow their accounts. Make sure your own social media profiles are looking g  good as well.    

     4. Be prepared for a phone or online interview

     It is becoming very common to short list applicants by phoning or asking them to complete an online interview. So, be prepared, and able to state clearly why you want the job and what you can offer the organisation.  Have some questions ready. Being  prepared and confident will increase your chances of being invited to a face to face interview.

    5. Get someone else to check your CV

Ideally, have a professional recruiter look over your CV. Someone, such as a Career Adviser from Career Success, can help you focus on your strengths in your CV, and highlight those relevant to the job you’re applying for.

They can also format your CV to make it easy to read, using language that reflects the current job market. They can also help you refine your job search and prepare for job interviews.

If you need help,contact us now - we are waiting to help you.

Posted: Saturday 30 January 2021