Its not all doom and gloom on the employment front

Its not all doom and gloom on the employment front

The coronavirus has certainly brought with it workplace closures and job losses, but there are still opportunities to start work straight away with companies looking to fill jobs that are needed now more than ever.

If you’re fit and able to work then a chance to earn extra cash, and maybe even a permanent role, can still be found.

A number of industries have managed to remain seemingly unscathed, and there is still an array of jobs for kiwis to apply for in essential services.

Management, freight forwarders and couriers job listings have remained steady, as these are roles still needed during the lockdown.

Similarly, the healthcare sector has also seen a rise in vacancies in some areas, with other essential employers looking to bolster their teams throughout this lockdown.

There is also a peak in demand for supermarket workers, couriers, security,  distribution and production workers.

So, update your CV and cover letter and keep looking for jobs, and if you need any help contact us.

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Posted: Tuesday 14 April 2020