Tips for Changing Careers

 Tips for Changing Careers

1. Think about your passion

The first tip for changing your career is to think very seriously about the change.  What else are you passionate about? Make sure that you have skills that can make your passion work for you and also the energy, and enthusiasm to carry it out.

Does your skill set match any other job? You definitely don’t want to be worse off by changing careers.

2. Talk to a friend or your family

Before making a major decision, talk to someone close to you, who knows you well.  This is not to seek their permission or  to ask their advice, but just to see how they react to your career-changing idea.

Don’t make a career change in haste or by being impulsive.

3. Test out your idea

Career changes can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore before retraining, it is a good idea to test out the career that you want to change to. This will give you time so that you aren't impulsive and rush into a decision. 

For example, take a short course or volunteer for something in the new field. See how it feels and if the reality is the same as you thought.

5. Build a Network

Don’t look to select a career only because it seems easy, trendy or popular. Research through social media, the internet, industry networks, and direct referrals before changing careers.  It is important to connect with someone in the career field to know about the job roles and available opportunities.

7. Identify your transferable skills

Hospitality industry professionals are normally used to doing a bit of everything. So, make sure you only highlight the skills that you can transfer to the new career.

Go through various role descriptions and adverts and find out what they’re looking for in the career you’ve chosen.

8. Update and focus your CV

When making a career change, you must make sure your cv reflects the skills required in the job ad and job description. Give examples to show you have the skills required.

A cv should be persuasive, and make an impact, as it is the first opportunity you will have to show you have the requirements for the job.

And if you need help deciding on a career or developing a cv, contact us, we are waiting to offer guidance and help.


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Posted: Friday 10 July 2020