Should you add colour to your CV

Should you add colour to your CV

What colour should be used?

If you decide to add colour to your CV, the colour you choose depends on personal taste, the type of job and the company to which you are applying. The best colours for a CV are usually neutral colours or darker shades of blue, purple or similar. Lighter shades may also work if you feel it is appropriate for your job application. 

Pastel colours are calming and may seem less aggressive on a CV. This could be a good choice for those applying for a job where playful, supportive or attentive characteristics are required. For example, a nanny or teacher CV.

Company colours can create a link between the candidate and the recruiter. For example, if you know that the company colour is red, add a touch of red to your CV. This can be indirectly appealing to the recruiter before they’ve even read your professional profile.

Colour Psychology

Some common colours and their attributes include:

  • Red: Symbolizes power, passion, and action. Bright red can evoke aggressiveness, so use deeper red hues, like burgundy or maroon.
  • Blue: Symbolizes integrity, calmness, reliability, and trust.
  • Yellow: Symbolizes positivity, good energy, happiness, and optimism.
  • Orange: Symbolizes strength, productivity, and tenacity.
  • Green: Symbolizes calmness, the environment, and development or growth.
  • Purple: Symbolizes inspiration, royalty, and dignity.

If you’re in a creative profession, such as copywriting, theatre, or graphic design, then you can have more fun with colours as you want your creative nature to show through. But, keep the layout clean and easy to read.

The opposite is true for candidates applying to industries such as finance and law. Colour on a CV in these industries is often considered unacceptable. If you’re applying to one of these industries, especially a large company, you are better to keep your CV black and white.

BUT, ensure you only use one colour, other than black. Using too many different colours will make your CV look too busy.

Where on your CV should colour be used?

Colour should be used in section headings or subheadings only. Using a different colour for the headings can make them stand out, and help the recruiter notice your experience and skills more.

A well-written CV should be black and white, with very small amounts of colour if you feel it is necessary, with neat sections and professional formatting. Your CV should be polished and error free. This shows organisation, attention-to-detail and professionalism.

Every resume is manually looked at by a recruiter or hiring manager for on average less than 7 seconds. The goal of your CV is to stand out enough to help you win the interview.

If you want an up to date, modern CV  that will be noticed among other candidates, just contact us!

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Posted: Friday 13 November 2020