Make your CV look Professional

Make your CV look Professional

1. Focus your CV on the role

Everything you write must match the requirements of the role and make you look the ideal candidate. 

Use the title of the job you're applying for as a headline. This gives immediate focus to your CV.

2. Create impact

The top portion of the first page of your CV should immediately attract the attention of the hiring manager. A relevant career summary or professional statement will make your CV get noticed.

Create a three to five sentence brand statement  in your career summary. Use your skills, achievements, specialisations, or working style to make it specific. Do not use cliched adjectives such as 'hard worker'  or 'team player'.

4. Be concise 

Make your CV easy to read quickly. Write concisely and avoid long, full on paragraphs. Don't leave out details hiring managers want to see, such as employment dates. Explain career gaps.

5. Find value from your experience

Include anything relevant — paid and unpaid positions, summer jobs, voluntary or extra-curricular activities. Include any experience that is relevant to the job.

Describe entry-level experience using phrases such as "learned the business", or "trained to..." to emphasise your aptitude for professional development.

6. Experiment with layout

Online templates can make your CV look like everyone else's. Instead, use colour  sparingly to add visual interest and highlight key information.  Colour can be effective for section headings, bullet points, and/or lines separating sections.

Use a larger font size (or bold) for your name and headings. Edit so no lines contain just one word, and don't go onto a new page if you only have a couple of lines. Use margins and white space.

Remember, long lists of bullet points are unappealing. Separate them into themed groups, with a limit of five bullets in each.

Send formatted text documents as a PDF file.

If you have limited experience, find examples of where you initiated a project, or demonstrated leadership.

Remember, if you need help with writing your CV we re here to help.  Just contact us!


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Posted: Friday 5 February 2021