Working from home has drawbacks

Working from home has drawbacks

While there are benefits to working from home, there are also career risks.

It is very easy for your career world to become very small.  There are few opportunities to mix with others and build relationships or to network, especially now professional groups are running virtual meetings and events.

You need to find opportunities to grow your job and get in front of key people.  Talk to your boss about how you could volunteer for projects, develop particular areas you are interested in, or suggest that you spend time talking to customers, suppliers, or stakeholders, to get known.

If and when you are in the office, use it to have face to face discussions with as many people as you can, including scheduling after work meet-ups. 

We may have  retreated to home during the pandemic, but if we stay there, we lose the richness and energy of interacting with different people who we can learn from and who may be able to help us with our career.

Posted: Monday 10 January 2022