5 Things Not to Do On Your CV

5 Things Not to Do On Your CV

Ok, so you need a CV. Before you start, here are 5 things you must definitely NOT do:

  • Don’t copy a CV or use a template. Copying someone elses CV is tempting, but would be lying, and become apparent to a prospective employer as soon as he started to talk to you. Similarly,  templates are used so frequently, that it would be instantly recognisable as a template.
  • Don’t use pictures on your CV. A photograph of you is not necessary unless it is asked for, or you are applying for a job where appearances are important.
  • Don’t use different types of fonts and colours. Keep to one font and colour throughout the document.
  • Don’t use family members as referees, even if they have employed you. Try to use a previous employer.
  • Don’t be negative. It is really important to present yourself in a positive light.

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Posted: Friday 11 May 2018